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RV Basics

Spring Check List

Check the following items when you are ready to begin your camping season:

  • Open the bypass valves and flush the antifreeze from lines.
  • Before starting your water heater for the first time in spring, make sure the bypass valves are open and water has reached the water heater before turning on.
  • Check tires for wear and pressure.
  • Check exterior of RV for damage.
  • Hook up battery and recharge for first use.
  • Check roof, vents, and antenna area for sealant cracking and reseal if required.


Looking after your battery properly will extend its longevity and save you $$$.

  • Regularly clean the battery box and the terminals.
  • Disconnect the battery when your RV is not being used for long periods of time and is not going to be plugged in.
  • Disconnect the battery when your RV is being stored for the winter season and store battery inside for the winter.
  • If your RV is not plugged in and the battery is being drained, check the following items that pull power from the battery:
    • stereo
    • lights inside, cargo lights, step lights, porch lights, lights in the storage compartments
    • fridge on propane will draw some power from the battery
    • water heater
    • LP detector
    • CO2 detector
    • furnace

Hitting the Road

Before hitting the road with your RV, you need to do check the following items every time. Click here for printable version of the check list.

Inside Check

  • water heater should be off
  • water pump should be off
  • furnace should be off
  • windows all closed
  • blinds either locked in or pulled up
  • all vents are tightly closed
  • antenna is down and locked
  • cupboards are closed and items are stored properly in case of bumpy roads

Outside Check

  • tire pressure and wear
  • storage compartments closed and locked
  • doors to RV closed and locked
  • awning closed and locked in
  • water cap on
  • sewer cap on
  • legs up
  • wheel chocks picked up and put away
  • all water and electrical connections unhooked and put away

Vehicle Hook Up Check

  • hitch on and pins
  • brake line plugged in
  • safety line attached
  • brake light and signal lights working

Winter Check List

Preparing your RV for winter is very important for the longevity of your second home.

  • Reseal roof vents and antenna area if needed to prevent water damage.
  • Reseal windows and compartments and vents if needed to prevent water damage and separation.
  • Drain all water from fresh water tank, water heater, and lines.
  • Dump the grey and black water tanks.
  • Winterize your RV with RV antifreeze and close the bypass valves.
  • Disconnect your battery and clean the terminals and battery box for the winter season.
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